Divine Fury and Norwegian Metal

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July 18 2017

I remember the day I sent my hardest route. It was a wet, rainy one at the pipedream cave in Maple Canyon, Utah. For some reason, I was on a Norwegian heavy metal kick. I was climbing a route called “Divine Fury," and it just seemed right to listen to music that channeled that “fury.”

It rained a bit early in the afternoon, and though the crag was normally quite populated, few people were present. I was pretty sure I’d have no luck that day. I'd do what I had been doing two days out of every three: putting in goes, building muscle memory, and feeding the upkeep on the ridiculous amount of fitness required to climb in that cave.

Before what would ultimately be the send go, I put up both my hands and said: “In the name of Odin, stop raining!”

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