A Day in LCC

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November 14 2017

A crisp morning in Salt Lake City with a projected high of 45 degrees typically means only one thing to climbing locals, a day in LCC. This is the acronym the community has assigned one of the city’s outstanding nearby crags known as Little Cottonwood Canyon. Although it may not be considered a world-class destination, it is by no means the worst place to have as a backyard playground. An extensive climbing tradition, forged by some of history’s boldest first ascensionists, run-out slabs, and splitters cracks make the canyon a perfect training ground for aspiring granite ninjas.

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Dave Anderson and Szu-ting Yi's Wind Traverse

On September 20, 2017, Dave Anderson and Szu-ting Yi completed a north to south traverse of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. They also summited 33 of the named peaks along the Continental Divide. The husband and wife team traveled 162 miles and their elevation gain and loss[...]

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No Climbing For Six Months? Time to Write a Book!

In January of 2017, I had an operation to remove several abdominal tumors. The operation was successful and the tumors were non malignant. The downside, for me, was the lengthy recovery period.

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Who Needs Pants?

I am 34 years old, and at this ripe old age, I possess the maturity and decision-making skills of a hyper active toddler. Or so I have been told. So, when I inform you that I have been climbing in Clear Creek Canyon since I was 18 years old, you can only imagine what kind of[...]

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The Olympic Climbing Format

A Conversation with Butora Ambassador Marisa Romero

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Four years I lived in Mt.Laurel, NJ. Climbing, to me, was just a hobby. I would climb three days a week if I felt like it, and would occasionally go climbing outside on the weekends. The closest bouldering was 1.5 hours away in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. We also[...]

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When many people think of climbing, they think of it as mainly a social activity. On the other hand, many people believe that climbing is primarily a physically demanding sport and they don't often consider the mental challenges it can provide.While both these things are true[...]

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My Most Embarrassing Climbing ​STORY

The air became thin; sky turned black, the chilling wind stampeded over the mountain tops as freezing hail pelted us. As the lightning struck, we were stuck on the summit of Pingora as the gumbies after us top roped through our only rap station. "YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO WHAT?!"[...]

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