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3 Things To Look For in A Climbing Shoe

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October 31 2017

If you're in the market for a new climbing shoe, chances are you're reading this article because you're doing some research before making an investment on a new pair. While reading individual shoe reviews about another climber's test drive is helpful, every shoe, foot, and individual's climbing needs are different. Whether you're new to climbing or frustrated after having made a few bad purchases, this article points you in the right direction of how to choose the best shoe for you. 

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How Tight Should Climbing Shoes Be?

If you're new to climbing, you're probably aware of the fact that your shoes are key to your success. You've likely heard rumors that if your feet don't hurt, your shoes aren't tight enough to be truly effective! But is that true?

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Choosing a great climbing partner

Climbing isn't just a sport. It can be a lifestyle - just ask all the #vanlife climbers out there! The uninitiated may shake their collective heads at our foolhardiness, but for those of us who live and breathe climbing, nothing compares to the feel of clean, sturdy rock[...]

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Reading Routes- How to Mentally Map Out Your Climb

Climbing isn't all about the physical; much of it is mental, as you've probably come to find out if you've been at the sport for awhile. A considerably large and critical part of the mental aspect is the planning, or "reading," of climbing routes - read on to learn more:


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Is it time for a more aggressive shoe?

You've discovered rock climbing and the art of self-challenges, and little by little, you've been honing your skills. The question is, are your starter all-around climbing shoes holding you back? Put another way, when is the time right to step into a more aggressive pair of[...]

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Climbing doesn't just require overall strength and endurance. Explosive power also plays a significant role, particularly when a climber moves to higher grades. Explosive movement becomes critical for completing that next move, especially in tougher boulder problems. 

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Learn to Lead Climb - Effective Communication

The time spent as belayer and climber requires a high level of trust. An essential part of any trusting relationship is communication. If you are not a well-seasoned climber or leader, establish communication vocabulary and methods before a climb. It is your responsibility to[...]

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The shoes you wear when you climb serve as the medium between you and the rock. If you wear a shoe that does not help you specifically, your potential climbing ability is held back. If you have a passion for climbing, you must take care when choosing your gear, especially[...]

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The Creation of Climbing shoes


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All climbers know the effects of gravity, but understanding the coefficient of friction can help to maximize your climbing efforts. According to Physics Central, when Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson free-climbed Dawn Wall in Yosemite National park in 2015, they relied not[...]

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